What kinds of plants can Slug Shield Stem Barrier be used on?
Stem Barrier can be used on almost any type of plant; it is perfectly suited for 
plants with a single stalk or central base.   

Aren’t Iron Phosphate slug pellets completely safe for the environment?
No.  Most Iron Phosphate slug pellets contain a certain level of toxicity - that’s how they kill slugs.  Most Iron Phosphate baits are also toxic to terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates which 
include earthworms and some are toxic to bees.
(see this link)  

How much time does it take to put a Slug Shield Stem Barrier on a plant?
It takes less than 10 seconds to put Stem Barrier on a plant.

Can I use Slug Shield to protect Hosta?
Yes.  Slug Shield protects Hosta when they are most vulnerable - early in the season and/or when plants are small.  Stem Barrier Size 12 or Perimeter Barrier is most commonly used. 

How long are the two sizes of Slug Shield Stem Barrier?
Stem Barrier comes in two sizes: SIZE 6 measures approximately 6” long and 
SIZE 12 measures approximately 11” long.

Which size Stem Barrier should I buy for my plants?
Size 6 shields are adequate for plants with stalks/bases up to 2” in diameter and 
Size 12 covers stalks/bases up to 4.”

Can I connect two or more Stem Barriers together to make a longer one?
Yes.  Stem Barriers can be easily connected by twisting the ends together.

Is it better to wrap Slug Shield Stem Barrier around the stalk/base more than once?
Stem Barrier may provide additional protection when wrapped around 
the base of plant twice; wrap plants twice when possible.

Will Slug Shield Stem Barrier constrict or damage the plant stalk?
Stem Barrier expands with the plant’s growth and does not constrict or damage the plant stalk.  Shields should be monitored during the growing season, especially for plants with fast growth rates.

Is Slug Shield effective after the shine wears off?
Yes.  The copper remains effective even when weathered.

Isn’t this more expensive than alternatives ones?
No.  For the season, using Slug Shield is actually cheaper than the alternatives, including slug baits.  This takes into account the extra time and effort to re-apply alternative solutions but does not 
take into account the value of using a non-toxic solution.

Is it better to place Slug Shield Stem Barrier off the ground or at ground level?
Slug Shield works in either case.  If placed slightly above ground level then it is less likely to have debris build up around it.  When used at ground level, it will protect plants from soil cutworms.

Does the Slug Shield work for Cutworms?
Yes.  Preliminary data and reports from gardeners have shown that Slug Shield is 
effective against soil and climbing cutworms.

An organic slug and snail deterrent that

lasts all season.

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