“The snails and slugs along the central California coast are our “most difficult to foil” garden pests. Not only do they mow down new seedlings and damage mature vegetables and flowers, they strip citrus trees of their bark and spoil the fruit. Since my garden is all organic, my ability to control them had been limited – I made frequent application of expensive non-toxic bait but also had to do a regular time-consuming search-and-destroy patrol. Still, they were managing to elude me and do significant damage. Then I found Slug Shields. The Shields have solved some major garden problems for me and I use them on many plants. All my citrus trees now wear Slug Shield collars and no longer are damaged by slimy critters, freeing me to put my time to better use. I use them also on the stems of garden plants like broccoli and peppers. Snails and slugs will not cross them and the repellent properties seem to last a very long time. I love the organic nature of the Shields, and that I no longer have to spend hours finding and smashing the pests. Slug Shields have made my life much easier and my garden healthier.”

  1. -Sharon H., Horticulturist & Garden Writer, Santa Cruz, California

“I have struggled for YEARS with slugs, large and small and NUMEROUS! Every night for 3 months while my dahlias are growing, I was outside after dark with a flashlight and a hammer smashing them. I also had 20 traps set with beer that I would have to change every day. That was a bit expensive and a nuisance. Finally I found the slug shields and have been able to relax and relent on the slug wars. I don't know where they are and I don't care because for one thing they are NOT on my dahlias. My dahlias are doing beautifully and my gardens are slug free. Thank you Anthony for the brilliant invention. I have told all my friends.  Again, thank you. This product is amazing and so inexpensive, when you consider the beer we were going through and all the time I was spending on a daily basis.”

- Cathy N., Gardener, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

"Even without pests, gardening outdoors in New England is tough. With such a short season, we really have to make it count. As much as I enjoy the labor, it's the fruits of my labor that I'm after, and slugs are my #1 enemy. This year, I simply wrapped a slug shield at the base of my plants, and problem solved! It’s simple and effective."

-Steve K., Manager, Greenlife Garden Supply, Massachusetts

“One of my regular customers was having a bad problem with slugs this past Spring. He was using slug baits, traps, saucers of beer, etc. He said that he had tried every remedy, home and otherwise, with no satisfactory results. I gave him a sample of your Slug Shield (as you remember I wanted to see if they really worked before ordering them for my stores) and he was back 3 days later clamoring to buy them. He told me that they totally worked. It is apparent to me that the Slug Shield may be the complete, perfect protection. The fact that they last a long time and that they are non-toxic is a winning combination for my customers. Thank you for your persistence. I am very happy that I have your product on my shelves. There is nothing else like it.

- Rick K., Owner, Hydroponic Shops of America, New York

“Just a quick update -- the slug shields are working great. I put them on broccoli and cabbage starts. The ones without them are getting really eaten. I'll send photos soon of the shielded ones and the non-shielded ones.  More from me soon....”

-Anastasia F., Gardener, Seattle, Washington

“The protected plants are doing really well -- my collards are mostly free of holes, and is growing like crazy.  I'm revising my statement about the kale -- the one protected kale is doing better than the unprotected ones. All my protected greens are still doing well.  And I put the longer slug shields around a row of turnips a few weeks ago, and those definitely seem to be doing better than the unprotected turnips.

I also put one around a few beet seedlings that had survived the slug invasion. They're kind of limping along because it's probably kind of cold for them now, but they're still there, which is a win, I think. We'll see how they do in the spring.

Hope you're doing well, and thanks for the slug help!”

-Lori B., Gardener, Seattle, Washington

“The shields are working great....BUT I haven't tried them yet when the tender perennials first emerged from the soil as I didn't have them yet. I rather used them on delphiniums and a dahlia I bought as young plants. I think the slugs would have eaten them alive but for the shields. I will keep the shields in place when I cut the spent stalks to the ground and then we'll see next spring if they protect the newly emerging growth. I trust so, but will try to remember to let you know.”

-Mark B., Gardener, Seattle, Washington

It is very important to me not to use any kind of chemical in my garden - not only for my personal health and that of my family, but also for the environment as a whole.  I always wanted to know to how to get rid of slugs organically.  I used to use a lot of SLUGGO, SLUGGO Plus, and other iron phosphate baits and pellets.  These are said to be suitable for organic gardening but they are NOT ORGANIC in my book.  Pets can still be poisoned by these slug pellets.  These products claim to be natural slug prevention yet have chemical components that kill slugs, snails, and other organisms. Through my research, and that of some academic institutions, it is clear that they do pose a toxic hazard in ways known and unknown.  Having said all this, you can imagine how excited I am to use Slug Shield for slug control.  Although not a silver bullet for everything, I use them everywhere I can.  I use them to stop slugs on my broccoli, tomatoes, kale, beans, peas, romaine, peppers, and a host of my flowers. The protection is complete and effective!  I couldn’t believe something so beautifully simple (and beautiful) works so well.  I wish I thought of  it myself!  Slug Shield is one of the best organic pest controls that I use.  I have stopped the slugs from eating my plants.

-John M., Gardener, Raleigh, North Carolina

“I was out on my deck on a rare warm Oregon morning sipping my coffee and reading the paper.  I was sitting next to my hostas that some friends had giving to me as a house warming gift. The plants were just ravaged by slugs and had a ton of holes in them.  I was having a tough time about it.  I had put some Slug Shields around them to see if they would work and, as I was sitting there, along comes a huge slug. He hits the copper strands and kind of just stopped and pulled back. Then he tried it again and the same thing happened: the slug did not want to cross the woven copper strands. I was impressed - it really worked!  It’s a great idea for people that don’t want to spray anything on their plants especially the organic types that would like a non-destructive, non-chemical means of keeping slugs off their plants. I think this is a great product and I’m happy to offer them in my store.”

-Romeo V., Owner, Indoor Garden Depot, Milwaukie, Oregon

An organic slug and snail deterrent

that lasts all season.

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